How it has all started

Ah well I have been around for a while but this is the first time using I have been works for clients all my life and time to make some sites for my self.  Oh well I had that thought couple of years ago so I have been trying various methods and sites to find a solid online income. I have tried everything !

First I thought PTC gonna make me an very rich man. All you need to do was click and get more referrals. you get a 0.01 per click and 0.05 per your referrals click. If you can get a good volume of referrals it seems you can make a decent amount of money. I don’t remember names but I used to click ads on around 10 sites  a day. I was kinda earning 1$ per day, I well okey its a start you can get it better. The coolest thing was you see you earn money. It shows in your account you have this amount of money and today you have earned this much. It’s like a drug, makes you keep going to those sites and keep clicking on ads. Then the whole sky fallen down ! One by one these PTC sites  fallen. and those sites which were trying to survive were making the click price lower and lower. it was like $0.0001 per click. Well then I realized it’s time to say good bye for this fantasy.  It’s a total BS and Big fat deadend. Time of PTC became history. It had become huge and then it fallen down. It was one big fake thing to make lazy to people to spend money for earn money. Well but all it did makes you loose both time and money. I’m glad I didn’t invest real money on it. My total earning from PTC thing was around $50. I still have it in my AlertPay account. Even AlertPay is gone now , I think.

Then I tried those GPT sites or Get paid To sites. They promised a lot but these sites have nothing for users who live out side of USA. More or less like Survey sites. Most of these GPT sites have surveys which are only for US citizens. Those who are from other countries can earn referral money but referring people. Only one site worked for me and it was called CashCrate. I earned and received a 50$ check from it. cashed it and it was all legit. Only problem is it’s pretty hard to earn money from these sites and income is not long term or solid. Just like PTC sites these GPT sites can be gone. Only thing better about them is they are not fake. At least some of them. But the time you need to spend definitely not worth it.

Then I realized these stuff never gonna work. You work for those sites and if the site close down you loose everything. All the man hour you put working for getting referrals can become useless in one second. So The only way was built my own sites and find some serious programs to work on. This is when I discovered Google AdSense. Part of Google so they have been totally legit and they seems to be the market leader for this stuff. So I entered to the world of PPC. I joined the DigitalPoint forum and learned a lot about AdSense. I read topic after topic and read about mistakes publishers had made and tricks and tips and everything. So I started making a web site for  AdSense.